Chinese Canadian Artists Federation in Vancouver

出生於中國,Immigrated to Canada in 1999. Since childhood love Danqing,,zh-TW,Mr. Yu Yubin, the secretary general of the Chengdu Chengdu Gongbi Painting Association,,zh-TW,And Chinese traveler painter Ye Coral,,zh-TW,He studied at the Department of Oil Painting at Vancouver Island University, British Columbia. In 2017, advanced studies in art theory research and calligraphy and painting creation at the Academy of Fine Arts, Tsinghua University, Beijing,,zh-TW,Guided by teacher Liu Jiyao.,,zh-TW,Cong Yiwen Xiao wen Blom,,zh-TW,曾師從成都市工筆畫協會秘書長俞閎濱,和中國旅加畫家葉珊瑚,曾進修於卑詩省温哥華島大學油畫系。2017年進修於北京清華大學美院培訓中心美術理論研究與書畫創作高級班,由劉繼彪老師指導。