Chinese Canadian Artists Federation in Vancouver
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1945 Born in Shanghai Collection House

1968 Nanjing Light Industry professionals graduated from the United States, went to Xinjiang painting for many years

1980 Hong Kong's Lingnan Art Gallery Education

1981 Hong Kong City Hall Exhibition, moved to Sydney, Australia

1984 Yang Gallery solo exhibition in Sydney

1985 University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Taipei Hwa Kang Museum, Taipei City Gallery held an exhibition dry

1986 Moved to Vancouver, Canada

1988 University of British Columbia in Vancouver Exhibition

1990 Melbourne VIC Bank Gallery,Taipei, China, as the Art Center exhibition

1992 Asia Art Center, Taipei exhibition

1993 Taichung Modern Art Space Exhibition

1994 Zhuo Pu Art Center in Kaohsiung, Taipei talent Arts Center, Manila Hotel Solo Exhibition,Taiwan Nanjing Code Art Center exhibition

1995 Modern art exhibition space Taichung, Taipei International Art Fair

1996 Taipei pass on fine art auction, Taipei International Art Fair

1997 Hong Kong's first Chinese paintings auction, Singapore International Exhibition Fair treasures, Taipei pass on fine art auction

1999 Taipei King Kaoru distinguished twentieth-century Western painting floor auction, Linda gallery exhibition in Jakarta, Indonesia

2000 Taipei Association China International Exhibition Center for the Arts

2001 New Taipei City Art Gallery exhibition

2002 Linda Gallery solo exhibition in Singapore

2003 China Shanghai Maritime Mountain Arts Center Exhibition China Redstar Culture Building Exhibition,,zh-TW,China Hangzhou exhibition Click on the picture to see more,,zh-TW,Howe Street Gallery of Fine,,en,she chose to attend the Victoria College of Art during her free time to pick up the paint brushes in,,en,-2015 Liang Shifeng 1913 students. As early as the age of learning calligraphy from brother,,zh-TW

2003 中國杭州個展 點擊圖片可看更多內容

2004 Howe Street Gallery of Fine Art 個展 , Vancouver, Canada

2004 台北99藝術個展 台北99藝術個展 點擊圖片可看更多內容

2004 Tainan Women's Institute of Technology Exhibition

2004 Shanghai Xintiandi CAFA Hua Gallery exhibition

2005 Howe Street Gallery of Fine Art 個展 , 加拿大 溫哥華 上海新天地中央美院畵廊個展 台北99藝術個展

1965-2006 Exhibition in America,Plus,Day,France,Australia and other countries more than 30 times, Winning three Central Asian International Art Exhibition in Japan and other countries, Canadian Artists Association, Chinese Artists Association, a founding director of Australia,Taiwan and China Society of painting Member, World Chinese Artists Association, Publication Xu Ming painting three sets

Mr. Xu was born in 1945 and is originally from Shanghai, China. After graduating from the Nanking Industrial Arts School, he continued to study Chinese painting at the Ling Nan Art School in Hong Kong. For three decades, he has resided respectively in Xinjiang, Hong Kong, Australia, Taiwan and Canada. He has participated in over twenty solo and joint exhibitions in China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Australia, Japan, France, the Philippines, Singapore, Indonesia, the USA and Canada. He has also won the Asian Modern Arts Exhibition Award and achieved numerous prizes for his works.