Chinese Canadian Artists Federation in Vancouver
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    Chinese painting calligraphy


Liang Shifeng 1913 students. Early-year-old brother to learn calligraphy from,After entering Shanghaimeizhuan by the industry in Huang,In Hong Kong, twenty-five years in the art of teaching,1974Emigrated to Vancouver, Canada. Liang good at calligraphy, painting, poetry,Carving works often combine the essence of poetry and painting. Liang a calligraphy and painting works is a collection of the Canadian Museum of Civilization.

Fong-leung shark (b. 1913) studied calligraphy at an early age under his elder brother. He graduated from he Shanghai Academy of Art under the guidance of Huang Binhong. Leung Shak-fung was an art teacher for twenty-five years before immigrating to Vancouver, Canada in 1974. He is an accomplished calligrapher, Seal-engraver as well as a painter. As a poet, he is able to combine the essence of poetry, calligraphy and painting in his art. Two of his works, one calligraphy and one painting are now at the Canadian Museum of Civilization.