Chinese Canadian Artists Federation in Vancouver
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謝琰 一九三六年生於香港。卑詩大學 University of British Columbia 畢業,繼赴蘇格蘭University of Strathclyde 攻讀圖書館學,取得圖書館専業文慿。一九八六年任職卑詩大學亞洲圖書館,主管中文部。一九九九年退休。


著作包括编譯【翰墨因缘】一九八五,【翰墨因缘】一九九五,【尺素寸衷】一九九八 ,【墨韻心聲】二零零七,【書藝友聲】二零零九等展覽目録。

Tse Yim (b. 1936)studied Chinese calligraphy under Lam Chin-Shek. From 1968 until his retirement in 1999, he was the Chinese librarian in the Asian Library at the University of British Columbia. He now devotes himself to the study of calligraphy and engages in translation. In 1985 and subsequently in 1995, he crated and participated in Karma of the Brush, a contemporary Chinese-Japanese calligraphy exhibition. One of his works has been collected by the Canadian Museum of Civilization.