Chinese Canadian Artists Federation in Vancouver
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出生於上海,從小受先父 (山水畫家、教育家) 顧坤伯影響愛好中國畫,約十歲開始學畫直到二十歲。後因到香港從事工業,畫畫時間少了,常看畫展和博物館,關心不同畫家的特點。並進行了字畫和文房四寶的收藏。現退休作畫。1988年曾在上海中國畫院舉行畫展,並被聘為該院名譽畫師。1990年在中國美術學院舉辦畫展,為該院特邀畫師。現任本會顧問。

Born in Shanghai, China. The reason he felt interested in Chinese painting was because of his father Kunbo Ku, the calligrapher and educator. He learned painting from his father from ten years old until he was twenty. Afterward, he stopped painting and began working in Hong Kong. The time to paint became smaller but he often went to visit art exhibitions and museums in order to observe the specialty of different painters. He is an art collector and keeps many works of famous historic calligraphies, paintings and brushes, papers, ink sticks and ink stones. He started painting again after he retired. In 1988, he held a solo exhibition in Shanghai Institute of Chinese painting and was invited as the honorable instructor. In 1990, he held an exhibition at the China National Academy of Fine Arts and he was also hired as the painting instructor. He is one of the consultants of CCAFV.