Chinese Canadian Artists Federation in Vancouver
  • Client:
    水彩 油畫


Born in Mainland China and raised in Taiwan, Connie King graduated from Taiwan National Normal University, majoring in Fine Arts. She immigrated to Canada in 1973. Her 17 years of Qui Gong practice have taught her the wisdom of working from within. This allows her to respond with sensitivity to the people, places and situations she meets, transforming them into her art. It has also taught her to focus on positive energy, experiencing the process and discipline of her art making without being overly concerned about the end product or its salability. Connie loves to draw with a bold brush, using concrete images to express abstract values. She is energized by experiences she has and new insights gained while traveling, and feels it is important to be constantly looking beyond her own narrow sphere to other cultures and environments. Her images become ever larger and brighter as she discovers and conveys the overwhelming power to be found in the natural world.