Chinese Canadian Artists Federation in Vancouver
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劉國藩 一九二八年 生於廣東中山,文學碩士。歴任香港葛量洪,柏立基教育學院及恆生商學院講師。 一九八八年移民加拿大。爲温哥華華人藝術家恊會永久會員及纽约國際華人藝術家恊會會員。個人資料載於中國當代藝術界名人録,北美華裔藝術家名人録,中日現代美術通鑑,作品經常展出。

Mr. Lau was born in Zhongshan Guangdong, China in 1928. He lectured at the Hong Kong Gratham College of Education, the Sir Robert Black College of Education and the Hang Sang School of Commerce before retiring to Canada. He is currently a permanent member of the CCAFV and the International Chinese Society of Photography and Arts in New York. U.S.A. Mr. Lau’s art works have been extensively exhibited in Vancouver, New York, Boston and other North American cities.