Chinese Canadian Artists Federation in Vancouver
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    雕塑 油畫 水墨 粉彩 篆刻 混合媒材

出生於美麗寶島台灣, 作品有雕塑 油畫 水墨 粉彩 篆刻 混合媒材, 作品大都取材自生活的人 事 物, 自然界變化都深刻觸動她的創作靈感, 無論是具像或抽象都傳遞著溫馨和祥和, 幸福座右銘是”忘記背後 努力面前”願在有限的歲月真實而努力的過好每一天 以溫馨的作品分享所有的人

1995年移居加拿大1996 ~於West Vancouver BC 研習雕塑完成課程 師承Millicent教授
1998 Emily Carr 研習繪畫
2002~2008 遷居到 Richmond繼續創作
2007 個展台加文化協會
亞裔傳統藝術季聯展於Fraserview Church in Richmond
Richmond art gallery Richmond Sports pavilion
Fraser River Art Festival Show in London Farm Historic Site BC

吳季頻(Jasmine)現為: *Western Canada Taiwanese Artists Association life tern membership

*Richmond Artists guild membership
*Richmond Art gallery Life tern membership
*Chinese Canadian Artists Federation in Vancouver

The Endless Art Journey
Jasmine Ji-Ping Wu was born in beautiful Taiwan., Jasmine’s works include sculpture, oil painting, brush painting, water colour, carving, and mixed media. Her works are mostly inspired by the people, events, and creatures from life, as well as changes in the natural world. Whether it is objective or abstract, each and every piece of Jasmine’s works conveys a sense of harmony and peacefulness.
Art is eternal and all-encompassing. Jasmine’s biggest joy in life is to continue to learn, grow, She keeps reminding herself to leave behind what is in the past in order to look ahead and strive for excellence in the present. She hopes to live her life one day at a time to its fullest and continue to share her work with others.