Chinese Canadian Artists Federation in Vancouver


Peng Xiaoqun (Sunny), eighty years of primary graduated from South China Normal University Department of education. At the end of eighty years of study at the Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts. The late study in Guangzhou painting and calligraphy institute. Life is very fond of painting art, mainly engaged in people like painting and poster propaganda art work. Keen to study and learn the outstanding art, calligraphy and paintings.After years of study, mainly specializes in painting and flower-and-bird painting. I by the creation of the painting works”harvest”, “- picking graph in August sweet-scented osmanthus incense send Lang of Xinjiang”, “little rabbit and little girl” in Guangdong Province Artists Association, Cultural Bureau and the central painting and calligraphy channel award. Vancouver is now a permanent member and director of Chinese artists association(2013). The art of part-time teachers in private schools.