Chinese Canadian Artists Federation in Vancouver



他一直致力於藝術創作及藝術教育傳承與敎學,其油画,陶藝作品經常在加拿大,日本, 香港,中國等地展出並獲個人收藏。現爲温哥華華人藝術家恊會永久會員;曾任温哥華華人藝術家恊會理事。

Dai Chang Zhou was born in China, and graduated from the Hubei Institute of Fine Arts. In 1990, he immigrated to Canada and now lives in Vancouver. His passions are to create art and to teach art. He specializes in pottery and oil painting, and his works have been exhibited in Canada, Japan, Hong Kong and China, and collected in private collections. He was a director and is currently a lifetime member of the Canadian Chinese Artists Federation in Vancouver.