Chinese Canadian Artists Federation in Vancouver



A brief introduction of the Artist  –  Shiu-Man Sze

Born in Canton, resided in Hong Kong since 1949, Shiu-Man Sze was graduated from National Taiwan Normal University in 1963.  She had taught in both TRUE LIGHT SECONDARY SCHOOL and in SUNG LAN COLLEGE in Hong Kong.

In 1967, Shiu-Man immigrated to Toronto, Canada where she focused her time, energy and talents in promoting Chinese culture through teaching Heritage Language.   In her leisure, Shiu-Man learned about Chinese brush painting and developed a passion for it. In 1977, she began her first painting lesson with Ms. Koo Tsin Yaw. In 1980, she moved to Vancouver, and became a student of Professor Johnson S. S. Chow in 1984. Shiu-Man is currently a member of the CHINESE CANADIAN ARTISTS FEDERATION in Vancouver and a member of WU SCHOOL ART ASSOCIATION. Many times her paintings were displayed in Group Exhibitions.

At present, Shiu-Man is teaching Chinese literature and history in TRUE LIGHT CHINESE SCHOOL. She is a member of the CHINESE LANGUAGE ASSOCIATION OF BRITISH COLUMBIA. Shiu-Man enjoys and loves teaching and brush painting. She has dedicated her life teaching Chinese to overseas migrant children for over 30 years. In 2011, she was awarded the “Best Overseas Chinese Teacher Achievement”.