Chinese Canadian Artists Federation in Vancouver
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從小愛好畫馬,以徐悲鴻大師為偶像,後隨母親廖坤賢習畫。87年主辦中國動畫之夜及拍攝中加合作動畫片「窗外所見」,90年參加馬年香港節展出及示範水墨 馬。97年獲溫哥華東方美少女攝影比賽冠軍。95年列入中國當代藝術界名人錄,兼獲銅鼎獎。千禧年獲中國頒發新世紀優秀人材証書。(2003-2005) 任本協會理事。

Peter Lee demonstrated his love for Chinese painting early, in fact his mother Ms.Kwun-Yin Liu taught her son the art of Chinese painting. He developed an interest in photography later on with great success. He produced the Canada-China co-production “Outside My Window” in 1987. He demonstrated “Painting of Horses” in the Hong Kong Festival in 1990 and achieved a bronze prize for his work, which also led to his name being included in China’s ‘Who’s Who of Outstanding Contemporary Chinese Artists’ in 1995. Peter Lee was also the winner of the Photography Contest at the Miss Oriental Pageant in Vancouver in 1997 and was officially named one of the Outstanding Artists of the New Millenium from China in the year 2000. He is the Director of the CCAFV (2003-2005).