Chinese Canadian Artists Federation in Vancouver
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生於澳門。自幼酷愛繪畫,曾拜鄭宇生為師學習國畫。1993年移民溫哥華。隨美容研習水墨國畫。隨名畫家陳蘊化習嶺南畫派,作品曾多次入選畫展和聯展,2005年所作【錦鯉】 獲溫哥華華人藝術家協會優異獎。

Yvette was born in Macau and immigrated to Canada in 1993. She started learning Chinese painting with Mr. Yue-Sun Cheng as a child and is currently studying painting with Leva Woo in Vancouver. Her works were exhibited in Leva Woo’s Chinese brush painting joint exhibition at the Vancouver Central Public library in 2001.