Chinese Canadian Artists Federation in Vancouver
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    油畫 水彩

生於臺北,幼喜美術,少習漫畫,中學時代曾出版漫畫書十餘冊。 及長涉獵油畫、水彩等。

1985年於紐約藝術 學生聯盟(The Art Students League of New York)研習版畫。

90年代參加中國廈門 大學美術系海外華僑函授班;並曾任職台灣畫廊數年,作品曾在台灣展出。

1994年移居溫哥華 ,近年作品以壓克力畫、拼貼畫表現現代風格為主,兼習國畫、書法。

Ken Alin was born in Taipei with an innate affinity towards the visual arts. During his youth he dabbled in comics and published over ten volumes to his name. He also has a long history of experimenting with oil and water color.

In 1985 Ken went on to study printmaking at The Arts Student League of New York.
During the 90’s Ken perfected his craft at Xiamen (China) University Faculty of Fine Arts institute for over-sea Chinese students while working professionally at several Taiwanese art galleries, where his works were exhibited.

Ken immigrated to Vancouver, Canada in 1994. In recent years his work features acrylics and collage with a modernist flair. He is also developing an interest in Chinese traditional painting and calligraphic techniques.