Chinese Canadian Artists Federation in Vancouver

林梅琪女士生於香港 , 及後畢業於多倫多大學並擁有商學學士學位 ₒ 畢業後 , 她返回香港從事投資銀行業 , 由於工作關係 , 她曾在不同的城市工作及生活 , 這都帶給她日後對藝術的創作靈感 ₒ

在過去二十年 , 林女士曾經跟隨幾位來自中國 , 香港及台灣的藝術家學習西洋畫和中國水墨畫 , 現時她的老師乃來自台灣著名的畫家翁登科老師 ₒ 過去林女士的畫作曾在溫哥華 , 多倫多 , 香港以及新加坡展覽 ₒ

林女士的畫作流露了她對原始, 傳統建築 及大自然的熱愛ₒ 林女士現居於擁有海景 , 森林和沙灘美景的溫哥華卑斯大學校園區 , 這些大自然風光給她帶來了無限的創作空間及靈感 ₒ

Ms. May Ling was born in Hong Kong. She graduated from University of Toronto with a Bachelor’s Degree in Commerce. After graduation, she went back to Hong Kong to pursue her career in investment banking. Given the job nature, May has exposures with her stay in different countries. Her encounter of the diversity in different cultures has given her inspiration in her art creation.

Over the past twenty years, May has been mentored by artists from Hong Kong, China and Taiwan for both western and Chinese paintings. At present, her mentor is Mr. Tengko Weng, a orks have been showcased in art exhibitions in Vancouver, Toronto, Hong Kong and Singapore.

May’s artwork reveals her passion to the rawness and originality of the traditional architecture and her appreciation of the nature’s beauty. She now lives in the UBC campus, where she is surrounded by the rich natural heritage of breathtaking ocean view, woods of rainforest and spectacular beaches that gives her the inspiration for her artwork creation.