Chinese Canadian Artists Federation in Vancouver



參加大地美術研究會、五月畫會、拍岸、北岸、全球華人藝術發表協會、溫哥華華人藝術家協會等藝術團體。歷年來多次參與畫會聯展。1999年在加拿大溫哥華「台灣鄉土心,世界風情畫」個展;國立臺灣藝術教育館「千禧萬情鄉土心」個展。2006加拿大溫哥華(Vancouver)、維多利亞(Victoria)個展 (Master Art Central)。台馬畫家雙人展–馬來西亞檳城珍珠畫廊。

選擇藝術之路是“一股寂寞衝動的喜悅”(A lonely impulse of delight—)數十年來沉醉丹青,迷戀光影,在黑暗中尋找光亮,在躍動中捕捉形象,以右腦思維,心眼關注,化霎那感受為永恆圖像。透過油彩、水墨、陶瓷、版畫等多樣媒材,表現自然,探究人性,游藝養心,寄情舒懷。

Chih-Hsiung Chien, born in Taoyuan Taiwan in 1951, obtained B.A. Fine Arts from National Taiwan Normal University and had finished graduated credit of the Education Department.

For more than 30 years he worked as a artist & art teacher in Taiwan.

His water color work “House” won the third place in the 7th National Fine Art and collected by National Art Education Hall in 1974. “The Lane with Sunshine”, won the first place in the in the teacher’s Fine Art Exhibition of Taipei city in 1979.

Printmaking work “Many Houses” won the Award of Borne medal in Japan.

Chien’s art works are presented through multi-varied media, including oil painting, acrylic, watercolor, pastel, pottery and porcelain. The subjects of works are focused on the heart of Taiwan localism and the art of world mood. His concept of creation is base on serious manner to lay a concrete basis, and he has developed limitless space and fun through exploration. He intends to accomplish beautiful, complete and harmonic realm by means of expression and charity concern.