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    國畫 水彩 書法

關寶珍畢業於台灣大學文學系,於1977年由香港移居溫哥華.在香港曾隨陳錦懷及池玫瑰習 嶺南派花鳥,後隨黃磊生進修嶺南派畫藝及周士心敎授習吳派清淡幽雅風格,並後又隨顧媚 女士學習新派山水及譚華南學習平面設計及水彩.其後改變板色的臨摹,並將西洋畫技巧及 傳統國畫方法與概念互相運用,更綜合各派的特長與優點開闢自我途徑.又覺書畫同源,曾 跟隨甘介川書法家習書法二十載.個人畫作曾於香港,紐芬蘭,溫尼柏,廣州及溫哥華等地 作聯展及個人書畫展多次

Jenny Bou-Chen Kwan (關寶珍) has lived in British Columbia since 1977. Prior to that, she studied the Chinese painting school of Ling Nam in Hong Kong, and subsequently with Mr. Lui-Sang Wong, then in Vancouver with Master Su-Sing Chow of Wu school, followed by Ms. Mei Koo in modern arts, then again in watercolours and graphics design with Master Wah-Nam Tam who is highly fluent in western styled painting.

Ms. Kwan developed her own unique artistic identity and character from the wide range of art disciplines she was exposed to and was motivated to express more than merely a reinterpretation of the schools of art she had learnt from. Instead, she matured into a personal style whose influences have become a unique mix of these schools’ techniques, essence and theories. Beyond painting, Ms. Kwan studied Chinese calligraphy for twenty years as a form of abstract art with Mr. Kai-Chuen Kam, as an enhancement of her artwork to explore a deeper interpretation and expression of the communicative power of the brush stroke as expressed in Chinese characters and language.

Ms. Kwan has had numerous exhibits of her work in solo and group settings in Hong Kong, Guangzhou (Canton province, China) and various Canadian locations, including Vancouver, Winnipeg and Newfoundland province.