Chinese Canadian Artists Federation in Vancouver

Anthony Chan was born in China and moved to Vancouver, Canada in 1997. His passion for art began at a young age. While he pursued a great career in fashion manufacturing, his love for creation grew as he appreciated art in all forms. After his retirement, Anthony has indulged himself in painting Chinese scenery. He enjoys traveling, the outdoors, spending time with his family and attending art exhibitions. Anthony’s fluid and expressive painting style thoroughly captures the tranquility of China’s extraordinary landscapes. He is honoured to currently be a permanent member of the Vancouver Chinese Artist Association.

陳偉立出生於中國,一九九七移居加拿大温哥華。自幼喜愛藝術而且不斷的追求,也一直保持這份熱情。當他在時裝製造界大展宏圖時更發揮了他的藝術天份,他匠心獨運的設計使得事業一帆風順。他退休後更大量廣泛的閲讀有關藝術的書籍,同時沉迷於創作山水的水墨画中。他的作品往往只用墨色來完成,在層層的皴擦渲染中令人讀他的画時,有一種幽深静謐出塵避世的感覺。他喜歡與家人一起旅遊, 參觀藝術展覽, 亦喜愛收藏書畫等藝術品。他是温哥華華人藝術家恊會永久會員並任職會長。