Chinese Canadian Artists Federation in Vancouver
自幼喜好攝影和篆刻. 移民加國後跟隨嶺南派司徒乃鐘老師學習國畫.
2002年與年輕女藝術家Nicole Dosrosiers.在溫哥華中央圖書館藝廊展出.
作品有動物.人像.人體寫生和一 幅篆刻[般若波羅蜜多心經].當日送出百多幅[心經]給來賓收藏.
Alan Wong. I Worked as the Project G. Manager of a renowned Engineering company
in Hong Kong for almost two decades.
I was in 1988,comes Canada from the Hong Kong immigrants to settle down.
I has been fascinated and inspired the photography and stone carving since childhood.
1991 Followed a Southern China Lingnam style artist master.Nigel Szeto
learn such distinctive technique of Chinese painting.
1998 Learned sketch in Vancouver school board, and Oil painting
form artist Master. Mr David Shang and Mrs Shang.
1997 & 1999 Invited by Cang Cheng Art Studio Hong Kong and Hong Kong Arts development council,
Art Exhibition in City Hall.
2001 Joint Group of Ten Art Show in Vancouver Central Library.
2002 Art Exhibition in Vancouver Central Library with artist。Miss. Nicole Dosrosiers.
2003-2013 Joint Group Exhibition many times.
2003-2006 As the Vice President of the Chinese Culture & Arts Association of Canada.
2007-2013 As the Council member of Chinese Culture & Arts Association of Canada.
member of the Chinese Artist Federation in Vancouver.