Chinese Canadian Artists Federation in Vancouver

黃明彬 1950 出生於中國廣東, 70-90 年代在中國廣東從事美術工作, 是斗門美術研究會會員;曾任職影劇院經理及美工,擅書法、山水及花鳥水墨畫。曾跟隨廣東名畫家陳漢中學畫, 其作品曾多次參加省級展覽, 大受好評. 1995 年移居加拿大溫哥華, 在加拿大作品曾多次參加大型展覽。2007 年參加《加拿大藝術之旅》代表加拿大華人藝術家在廣州嶺南展館參展,其作品贈送給南昆山溫泉賓館收藏。2018 在加拿大溫哥華社區為弘揚中華文化做出了貢獻,獲得溫哥華市長頒發獎狀;同年9月,與其說他資深藝術家在澳門金碧文娛中心舉辦中、加、美藝術展覽;再於同年10月,畫作在中山紀念館及廣東省珠海市青少年宮展出,作品大受好評。現是溫哥華華藝術家人協會(2007-2010 任職理事)永久會員; 溫哥華郵票,錢幣收藏協會副會長;溫哥華珠海聯宜會理事;珠海市斗門區僑聯名譽主席。

Huang Mingbin was born in Guangdong, China in 1950. He was engaged in art work in Guangdong, China in the 1970s and 1990s. He was a member of Doumen Art Research Association. He used to work as a theater manager and art artist. He is good at calligraphy, landscape and ink painting of flowers and birds. He used to paint with the famous Guangdong painter Chen Han Middle School. His works have participated in provincial exhibitions for many times and have been well received. In 1995, he moved to Vancouver, Canada, and participated in large-scale exhibitions in Canada. In 2007, he participated in “Canada Art Journey” on behalf of Chinese Canadian artists at the Guangzhou Lingnan Pavilion, and his works were presented to the collection of Nankunshan Hot Spring Hotel. In 2018, he made contributions to the promotion of Chinese culture in Vancouver, Canada, and was awarded a certificate by the Mayor of Vancouver. In September of the same year, he held an art exhibition of China, Canada, and the United States at the Macau Jinbi Civic Center with other senior artists. In October of the same year, The works were exhibited in the Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall and the Youth Palace in Zhuhai City, Guangdong Province, and the works were well received. Now he is a permanent member of the Vancouver Chinese Artists Association (2007-2010 director); the vice president of Vancouver Stamp and Coin Collection Association; the director of the Vancouver Zhuhai Union Association; the honorary chairman of the Overseas Chinese Federation in Doumen District, Zhuhai.