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    國畫 書法 篆刻


1949年生於中國。1986年澳門東亞大學文學士。1974年香港柏立基教育學院教育文憑。 創作包括國畫、書法及篆刻。1999年獲世界名人錄傑出藝術成就獎、英國劍橋世界名人錄。1989年獲全中國太白杯書畫大賽一等獎。著作有「黎沃文書畫篆刻集」、「寫我洛磯—黎沃文山水畫集」、「情繫長江—黎沃文山水畫集」。

Yukman was born in China in 1949. He received his BA degree from the University of East Asia in Macau in 1986 and Diploma from the Hong Kong Robert Black College of Education. He won the First Prize at The Whole of China Taipei Cup Competition of Chinese Painting and Calligraphy in 1989 and has also been listed among the “Outstanding People in Art of the 20th Century” by The International Biography Centre, Cambridge, England in 1999. Yukman Lai has also published several painting albums, including “Painting, Calligraphy and Seals”, “My Rockies, Lanscape Paintings” and “A Sentimental Journey, Landscape Paintings”.