Chinese Canadian Artists Federation in Vancouver
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My teacher CHING KU CHANG was well-known accomplished painter of the traditional Chinese Orthodox School. The Chinese School of painting is reputed to have started with the celebrated scholar Wang Wei of the Tang Dynaty (618 – 907 AD). It then continued through Tung Dynasty (960 – 1279 AD). Ching Ku Chang was a student of the well known artist Shao-Mei-Chen a member of the famous Hu-Sho Painters Club in Beijing. Mr. Chang received certiticates of commmendation in numerous exhibits. In 1963, Mr Chang received the gold medal out of 42,000 entrants at the United Japanese Calligraphy Society in Tokyo.

Mr. Chang was the official calligrapher for Chiang Kai Shek while in Formosa. Chiang Kai Shek was a most important political leader sandwiched between Sun Yat-Sen and Mao Zedong 1927 -1948

Due to so much graft in Formosa Mr. Chang immigrated to Canada.

In a quest for personal serenity in my own painting career I felt an immediate connection with Mr. Chang when I was first introduced to him. I feel honoured and privileged that I was his student for 18 years. Durng the course of those years he guided me into painting some exceptionally good paintings. He took a special interest in me and presented me with a painting that that he did for me.with the inscription in his calligraphy which said “Ethel Karmel has mastery use of brush and ink and, Elegant brush and exquisite ink:” The 16 Immortals which he suggested I do, was a triumph and received many accolades.

With the Chinese traditional way of painting, as guide I decided to paint Japanese women. I have always been fond of textiles, and the kimonos captured my interest. I did a series of 12. I hesitated to show them to Mr. Chang, not knowing how he would react as they were Japanese. My fears were dissolved. Obviously art has no barriers as he thought them beautiful

I am a member of the Canadian Chinese Federation of Artists, as well as the Federation of Canadian Artists. I have held many exhibits and my paintings are in a great number of private colletions The paintings are done on rice paper or silk and the ink is of the finest quality.


Studied with Master Ching Ku Chang privately 1975- 1988

Studied Privately with Yi Tong Lok 1982- 1983

Johnson SS Chow 1983- 1984


Art in Action 1994

Ei Yoshida painting on silk 1985

Eva Zbar fish painting 1984

Emily Carr College print making 1983

Langara College drawing, ccalligraphy 1982

Alexander 1974

Peter Aspell 1973

Mona Goldman 1967 -1972

Beatrice Lennie 1952

Commercial Art Night Course 1950 – 1952

University of British Columbia 1950-1952


Vancouver Jewish Community Center 1975

Vancouver Public Library 1976 – 1977

Burnaby Art Museum 1977

Presentation House 1978

Fraser Gallery 1986

Federation Gallery 1986

Federation Gallery 1987

Asian Center, UBC 1988

Asian Center, UBC 1998

Aian Center UBC 2006

Member: Federation of Canadian Artists, Chinese Artist Federation, Portland Culinary Alliance.

Public Works: Grace Hospital, Vancouver, BC.

Private Collections: Canada, USA, Europe, Israel